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The question we will always ask you during our first conversation is, “what is your ultimate goal in pursuing your pilot certificate(s)?”

It all starts with a plan. Genesis Flyers Aviation will help you develop yours from the beginning. In understanding your goals, we will help you develop a strategy that encompasses two key factors in becoming a pilot, budgeting your time and money. Your hourly instructor cost at Genesis Flyers Aviation will not change during your training. That will not always be the case for the plane rental.

Today with fuel prices fluctuating as frequent as they do it can be hard to set a finite budget for the airplane rental. As a student you can expect to pay $105-$200 per hour for a single-engine airplane and $240-$400 per hour for a multi-engine airplane.

Genesis Flyers Aviation is working in conjunction with Wings 270 LLC based at Chandler Municipal Airport (KCHD) offering highly competitive rates for our students. You can also look at local Fix Based Operators (FBOs) at each airport or different flying clubs to see what kind of plane rental prices they have. Our commitment is to help find the best option that works for you.

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Flight Instructor
Starting Hourly fees

(fees do not include the price of airplane rentals):

• Ground Instruction for all certificates and ratings -$45
• Single-Engine Airplane-$45
• Multi-Engine Airplane-$65
• Instrument rating-$50
• IPC $50
• Flight instructor add-on rating fees:
-CFI single-engine $45
-CFII $50
-MEI $65

*We will offer discounts to students who purchase training in 10hr training blocks. Inquire with our flight staff for details.