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Genesis Flyers Aviation is a multi-faceted aviation company specializing in pilot development and commercial pilot services. nine thousand five hundred feet high Royalty Free Stock PhotoFounder Kevin Behnke knew he would become a pilot one day. Kevin took his first flight at the age of two with his dad. It was love at first flight. The perception growing up was that a person needed to learn to fly in our military or have deep pockets to pursue their dream in aviation. It wasn’t until Kevin hit a crossroads in his 12yr career in the financial services industry that he realized his childhood dream of becoming a pilot was achievable and when the opportunity presented itself he made it reality. With the blessing from his family he enrolled at a local flight school in Phoenix, Arizona. Kevin earned his single and multi-engine pilot certificates, and single, multi-engine, and instrument airplane instructor ratings. During his training Kevin realized what a blessing and privilege it is to learn how to fly.  Genesis Flyers Aviation's vision is to promote the advancement of general aviation and make the gift of flying to everyone who aspires to become a pilot, reality. Genesis Flyers Aviation invites you to "take flight to your new beginning."

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